The Rebel and the Kingdom.

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How did an Ivy League activist become a global fugitive? The New York Times bestselling co-author of Billion Dollar Whale and Blood and Oil chronicles the heart-pounding tale of a self-taught operative his high-stakes attempt subvert the North Korean regime.

“Propulsive . . . Hope’s account is both deeply reported and novelistic.” — Ed Caesar, contributing staff writer for The New Yorker, author of The Moth and the Mountain

The Rebel and the Kingdom is an expertly crafted thriller that makes you turn the page. What makes it all the more remarkable is that it’s all true. Bradley Hope is a first-rate reporter and writer, and he has found a subject worthy of his skills in Adrian Hong, a Korean American idealist who set out, improbably enough, to topple the North Korean regime.” — Max Boot, columnist for The Washington Post, author of The Road Not Taken

“One of the most harrowing and inspiring stories I’ve ever read . . . This book left me in tears. Hope tells this inconceivable and heart-wrenching story with compassion, humanity, and integrity.” — Yeonmi Park, bestselling author of In Order to Live

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