Truth is stranger than fiction.

Project Brazen was founded
in 2021 on a simple premise:
the most captivating stories
are unfolding in real-time,
all around the world.







You just need to know where
to look - and be bold enough
to break them open.

            At the Wall Street Journal, Bradley Hope and Tom Wright uncovered a scandal so weird and huge, it seemed made up. A 29-year-old Asian man persuaded a prime minister to help him steal $5 billion and build a Hollywood empire.

        The success of Billion Dollar Whale, a New York Times bestseller, inspired Bradley and Tom to make the search for stranger-than-fiction stories their life’s work.

        Now a team of journalists, producers, creators, film and TV professionals, and composers based in London, New York and Singapore, Project Brazen delivers content that elicits disbelief — whether podcasts, books, documentaries, TV shows, or films.

        We smuggled a microphone to Fat Leonard, a corrupt US military contractor in jail for stealing millions. After our podcast came out, Leonard went on the run. In Corinna and the King, we persuaded the lover of the king of Spain to spill her secrets, putting our podcast at the center of a media storm.

        From The Sound (CIA agents under attack) to Gateway (a new global cocaine war) and Crypto Kingpins (exclusive access to one of the world’s richest moguls), Project Brazen delivers stories others wouldn’t dare touch.